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Reggie Jackson out of the Starting 5?

Reggie Jackson might be seeing his Starter Role disappear, with Ish Smith stepping up.

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Will the Holiday brothers be in same team next year?

Justin Holiday has long wanted to play alongside his brother, Jrue. Will it happen next season?

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Calderon to sign with the Hawks

Warriors PG for 2 hours Jose Calderon is expected to sign with the Atlanta Hawks.

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Free Agency Notes:

Catch up with the latest Reports and Rumors about the Free Agency.

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Sunday’s Notes:

Here are today’s Rumors and Reports:

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NBA Trade Deadline 2017 (LIVE)

The NBA Trade deadline is today, see all the moves here, updated every minute!

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Lou Williams will be traded!

Before the deadline Williams will most likely get traded, but which teams are currently interesting in moving for the SG?

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Tuesday’s Trade Rumors

Check out today’s trade rumors, before Thursday’s Deadline!

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Kings and Pelicans will remain active before the deadline

After agreeing to trade Cousins to New Orleans, the Kings will still trade before the deadline, as the Pelicans are also expected to make a move.

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