Justin Holiday has long wanted to play alongside his brother, Jrue. Will it happen next season?

“If we can play together, that would be a dream come true and we’d be successful doing it,’’ Justin said. “We both want to win and both know each other’s game in and out. We both know what we’re going to get from each other when we play together. It just makes sense.” – Said the Older Brother –“I know when we play together, good things happen because we know each other’s game so well. We do play hard on both ends of the floor. When you have that at both positions, it’s going to help.”

Both Justin and Jrue are unrestricted free-agents this Summer:

  • The Pelicans“are trying to build something special”, after trading for DeMarcus Cousins, and could overpay to keep Jrue in the roster. With this said, Justin could definitely take a cut in his salary to play nearside his brother and have a chance to make it to the Playoffs.
  • If they indeed want to play together, the Holiday brothers could reunite anywhere in the League, but New Orleans is currently the most probable place for that accomplishment.

justin jru.jpg

Justin Holiday is averaging 7.5 PPG (Career-High) 2.9 RPG (Career-High) and 1.1 APG in 19.5 MPG (Career-High) throughout 61 Games Played (Career-High).

Jrue Holiday is averaging 16 PPG, 7.3 APG, 4.1 RPG and 1.6 SPG (Ties Career-High) in 32.5 MPG during 46 Games Played (40 as a Starter).

Will the Holiday Brothers get their chance to play together in the next season?