Derrick Rose, Knicks PG, opened up about the Triangule. Here are the former Chicago Bulls’ Player answers.

  • “S–t, do I have a choice? Do I have a choice?” Rose said when asked if he’s warming up to the triangle. “I just want to win games. Winning takes care of every category for an athlete.”
  • Rose has been hesitant on shooting from the 3-point range, as the 2010-2011 MVP said: “I could shoot them now, I just don’t want to. I don’t have time to be dealing with the critics that come with all that. So I’d rather be efficient than just try things.  (…) Yeah, I shoot them in practice. But in the game, you just got to be efficient,” he said. “That’s what I’m trying to do now. K.Y.P — Know Your Personnel. And right now, the way I’m being effective is with midrange.”
  • Jeff Hornacek has encouraged Rose to shoot from outside, as that would make him even more difficult, and it would increase his free-agent value: “He shoots them pretty well in practice. Sometimes he just needs to make sure to get the arc on them to give them a better chance of going in. If he can do that, that’s where I think the real pressure from point guards in this league come. Derrick can get to the basket at will. So they play behind and clog the lane. If he can knock down those 3s, what’s a team going to do? Then it makes him more effective. (…) He knows with his speed and his quickness, he can get to the basket. And that’s where he’s really good. So he kind of relies on that. But there’s no reason he can’t mix it up a little bit and get a couple more of those in.”
  • Rose concluded: “I still don’t have the feeling yet of the entire offense, but I pick and choose while I’m out there. You think, ‘Don’t F’ up the game.’ That’s a great way to put it. Just don’t mess up the game and looking at a lot of film, you learn. That’s what great players do. I believe that I’m great. Great players find a way no matter what situation they’re put in.”