Unlike Cousins and Davis, Paul George is still undecided on his next destination.

Larry Bird: “Before the year started, I told Paul and I said: ‘Look, if you want to sign a long-term deal, we’re willing to do that max. And if you want to wait, I understand.’ But this year, we’re not going to to worry about it, we’re not going to talk about it, and he’s going to make the decision that’s best for Paul when it comes down to it.”


George, who has 2 seasons left on his current contract, said: “As I told Larry, I always want to play on a winning team. I always want to be part of a team that has a chance to win it (all). That’s important. Say what you want; I want to compete for something, It’s frustrating just playing the game for stats or for numbers or to showcase yourself. Man, I want a chance to play for a chance to win a championship. I wanted to be the first and want to be the first able to bring a championship to Indiana. So that’s still on my mind… and something I definitely want to achieve in Indiana.”

The Pacers will restart the season (After the All-Star Break) in the East’s Number 6 slot at 29-28. Will they be able to keep PG and eventually have a chance to win a championship?