Reggie Jackson emerged as on of the top Trade Candidates before the Trade Deadline.

Caldwell-Pope is chasing opposing point-guards because Reggie Jackson, alleged franchise player at that spot, hasn’t been able to since recovering from a knee injury.

When in December a players-only meeting happened, a few players hammered Jackson for his desultory play.

“The way they came at Reggie wasn’t cool. You can’t beat up a guy up for not playing at 100 percent right after coming back. Guys who have played with pain; You think they would be more sensitive.” Drummond said about the meeting.

Stan Van Gundyo talked about Reggie’s comeback: “Reggie came back, and we’ve struggled ever since.”

Drummond also added: “We found a groove with Ish. And when Reggie came back, it has been a big adjustment.”

The step back has the Pistons worried, after making the Playoffs last season, and Detroit has quietly explored the trade market for each of its franchise centerpieces.

Van Gundy said anyone is available for “the right price”!

A Drummond deal at the deadline is an “extreme long shot”, but teams like Minnesota, Orlando, New Orleans and Denver could welcome Jackson.

Even if Detroit keeps Jackson, missing the Playoffs would put dramatic changes on the table this summer.

Apparently, Denver’s Mudiay is available, but the Nuggets have no interest in Jackson.

Could the Pistons find a trade scenario for a starting Point Guard, moving Reggie Jackson, making it to the Playoffs?