After being traded in the offseason to Orlando, the PF is apparently on the trade block.

There are 3 possible destinations for Ibaka, but only 2 probable. He could land in Boston (Possible), Toronto or Miami (Probable).

Sources say that the Raptors and the Heat are among the Eastern Conference Teams that have expressed interest in Ibaka this month.

What the player had to say about the trade rumors: “I don’t try to read it. I just focus on playing basketball.”

Miami Heat:

  • It’s unclear if the Heat has assets that the Magic wants, but Ibaka intrigues the Heat.
  • “Heat among those linked to Ibaka.”

Heat’s trade scenario:

  • Magic trade: Serge Ibaka and 2017 second-round draft pick (Via Sacramento)  protected for selections 31-55
  • Heat trade: Justise Winslow, Tyler Johnson and Josh McRoberts

Heat’s trade analysis:

  • The Heat could finally attemp their Playoff run, without Chris Bosh, having Ibaka starting as a Power Forward, replacing Luke Babbitt, who should not be a Playoff Team’s starter.
  • The Magic would get multiple assets, having Winslow as a bright prospect and Johnson coming behind Fournier. McRoberts could come behind Aaron Gordon, or even be included in a trade package with, for example, Jodie Meeks or CJ Watson.

Toronto Raptors

  • Toronto has collected a stockpile of young assets: Powell, Caboclo, Poeltl, Siakam, VanVleet; And the Raptors still hold their own 1st round draft pick, plus the Clippers’ pick this season.
  • “Toronto has had its eye on landing a power forward like Orlando’s Serge Ibaka before the trade deadline.”

Raptors’ trade scenario:

  • Magic trade: Serge Ibaka
  • Raptors trade: Terrence Ross, Jared Sullinger and 2017 first-round draft pick

Raptors’ trade analysis:

  • The Toronto Raptors would get their PF, still running for DPOY with only 27 years old.
  • The Orlando Magic, who seem to be stuck in the middle unsure if they want a full rebuild or are trying to make a push for Playoffs, would get 2 good and still young players, which would satisfy their uncertainty. The Draft Pick would come as a tip from Toronto so they accept the trade with no questions asked.

Let’s remember that Ibaka came to Orlando for Oladipo, Ilyasova and Sabonis, so the Magic are looking for valuable assets in return for the Spannish PF.