Here’s a trade scenario that would take Rubio to Cleveland, but still satisfy Minnesota!

Wolves trade – Ricky Rubio, Brandon Rush and Jordan Hill

Cavs trade – Iman Shumpert, DeAndre Liggins, Chris Andersen (Will probably be waived) and 2 trade exceptions.

Wolves Analysis:

  • The ones from Minnesota are trying to trade Rubio to get Kris Dunn a starting spot on their roster;
  • After losing Lavine for the rest of the season, the Wolves could benefit with Shumpert’s help;

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  • Liggins would be the only defensive specialist in Minnesota, someone they are seeking, as they are ranked at 24 on Defensive Efficiency;
  • If Chris Andersen can or can not be released from Minnesota, it will depend on the timetable to return of Adreian Payne. Cole Aldrich could definitely benefit from this trade and, if the Wolves decide to keep ‘Birdman or to sign a FA, it’s their own decision.

Cavs Analysis:

  • LeBron James would finally get his playmaker, as Rubio would be Irving’s backup, a role he will still play in Minnesota if he eventually doesn’t get traded;
  • The Cleveland Cavaliers would get a reserve Center (Jordan Hill), a much needed role to give some rest to Tristan Thompson;
  • Rush could also provide some wing defense and scoring to Cleveland’s 2nd unit.

This would be an interesting trade to both teams, that could give some hope to Minnesota, after losing Lavine, and some stability to Cavs’ bench.