Everything you need to know abou this year NBA Dunk Contest!

In the 80’s, with players like Julius Erving, Larry Nance, Dominique Wilkins or Michael Jordan, who were able to make art executing a dunk, the NBA decided to include the Slam Dunk contest in the NBA All Star Weekend.


Specially in the first years it was a huge show, with great stars like Michael Jordan and Wilkins or big surprises like Spud Webb.

While years passed, there was less imagination, and the big stars didn’t want to participate because of the risk of injuries. So because of that the Slam Dunk contest ended in 1998. But since 2000, a new generation of dunkers led by Vince Carter brought the contest back.

vince crter dunk contes.jpg

The last two years the Contest has been dominated by one name, and that name is Zach Lavine! He won without leaving any doubt in 2015 and in 2016 had an amazing battle against Aaron “Air” Gordon! But this year it seems that the Guard from the Timberwolves will not participate and try to win for the first time in the history of the NBA for three years in a row!

The only player that has already his participation confirmed is Glenn Robinson III! The player has only 11 dunks these season but has already proven that he is a great dunker!

glen robinson dunk contest.jpg

Another possible contestant is Deandre Jordan! The L.A. Clippers’ Center is going to be in the All Star Game for the first time in his career and received an offer to participate in this year Slam Dunk Contest! He said he was interested but has not made his final decision yet!

There are a lot of possible contenders for this year title, we made a little selection of players we think might have a chance to win if they would be selected. See our list in the next video!