Here’s a exciting trade scenario that could take Dallas back to the Playoffs in a few days!

This scenario could happen in days and might take the Mavericks back to the Playoffs spots! It would include moves between the Mavs, the Cavaliers, the Suns and the Bulls.

Mavericks trade: Deron Williams

Cavs trade: Iman Shumpert

After this trade, the Cavaliers could finally get their backup PG and would not lose Defense, as Liggins, a Defensive Specialist, would stay in the roster.

Mavericks trade: Wes Matthews and Finney-Smith

Suns trade: Brandon Knight and PJ Tucker

For the Suns, both Knight and Tucker apparently are on the move before the trade deadline, so this would be a possible move for Phoenix. For the Mavs, they would trade the Defensive Specialist that goes by the name of Wes Matthews, since they already have Shumpert and replacing Tucker’s job in Phoenix, Finney-Smith (Who is coming well and for a long of time off the bench) and would get their starting PG, Brandon Knight, an unselfish player that can finally get his space in a NBA team as a solid starter!

Mavericks trade: Andrew Bogut

Bulls trade: Taj Gibson

Both teams are looking to move both players and this would be a Center for Center swap, that could be good for either team.

Mavericks final roster, after the rebuilt:

PG – Brandon Knight, J.J. Barea, Devin Harris, Pierre Jackson

SG – Iman Shumpert, Seth Curry, Justin Anderson

SF – Harrison Barnes, P.J. Tucker, Nicol├ís Brussino

PF – Dirk Nowitzki, Taj Gibson (Who can also play as Center), Dwight Powell

C – Salah Mejri, A.J. Hammons

All the other teams, Cavaliers (Getting Williams as the backup PG they need), Suns (Trading away targets Knight and Tucker) and Bulls (Moving Gibson for a Veteran and Champion C) appear to be happy about the feedback their getting in the trades.

Could the Mavs get back on top with this “Quick Rebuilt”?

Note: All of the trades mentioned are financially possible, only missing team’s approval.