Find out why the rumored trade Ricky Rubio for Reggie Jackson would be bad for both teams.

The latest rumors have said that a Ricky Rubio for Reggie Jackson trade would be possible. But, after analysing the Wolves and the Pistons before and after the possible trade, the results would be negative for both.

Wolves Analysis: The goal of trading Rubio would be to move Dunn to the starting five. But the last time that Reggie Jackson played in a reserve role was in 2012/2013 with the Thunder. The Spaniard is in the second year of a four-year, $55M contract and has a cap hit of $13,400,000. Jackson is slated to make $16M, $17M+ and $18M+ over the next 3 seasons, making him an expensive option to come off the bench behind the rookie Dunn.

Pistons Analysis: Since coming back from injury, Jackson is averaging 20.2 Points on 46.4% shooting over the last 10 games. The 26-year-old Rubio is averaging 7.7 Points and 7.9 Assists.

Note: Nothing is on the paper yet, as each team is in the “talking stage”.