Rumors are beeing raised after the loss against the Philadelphia 76ers!!

The New York Knicks season has been disappointing!! They right now sit at 11th in the conference with an winning percentage of only 44%!! After a lot of seasons trying to reach the playoffs and after an offseason where the franchise really work hard to build a team for a title chance, this might be the right time to start over! And the right step might be to trade the team star Carmelo Anthony!

After the game Carmelo said:

It’s unacceptable… I don’t even know what to say about this one.

Carmelo value is not the same it use to be and the salary he earns does not let the knicks to find another good player due to lack of salary cap space! So imagine if they give up this year and trade Carmelo! They needed to find two or three young guys to come in and develop in the next years! They would have a lot of salary cap space to try to find someone important for the team in the free agency! And with a good pick this year in one of the best draft class ever, in two years they can be a great contender to fight for a conference title!


All they have to do is to build around Porzings, get free of the players with a large salary, like Carmelo and Joakim Noah and adding talented young players in the draft this year and in the free agency they might get in the right path!!